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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  September 24, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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came down to greet the waiting and adoring crowd. this is the second leg of his journey, a journey that will bring him to philadelphia. it's thursday night and the big story on "action news" tonight is the latest on the pope's journey to america, and before coming to new york pope francis did something in washington today that a few other people that have been able to do before him p he was able to tame congressional leaders, as he spoke to a joint meeting of congress, he gave both sides plenty to feel good about. the democrats appreciated his call to embrace the stranger in our midst, immigrants legal and illegal. >> we the people of this continent are not fearful of foreigners. because most of us were once
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foreigner. >> but he also pleased republicans when he expressed his concern of the state of the traditional family. headed by a man and woman in marriage. >> from the relations are being called into question. on the basis of marriage and the family. i can only agree with the importance and above all the richness and the beauty of family life. [ applause ] >> after his speech, he went out on balcony, the capital balcony and waived to thousands that gathered on the lawn and the mall beyond and rather than having lunch with washington's powerful, he spent the lunch hour with a group of washington's homeless. >> now lets go live to the wall street heldport.
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on marine one usually used by president obama. there is fiat one, with the papal flag and we now think that the pope has gotten into the car for the drive up to st. patrick's cathedral on fifth avenue, typically at this hour at the end of rush hour in manhattan that could take a long time but they cleared the grid for the pope and the drive should not take very long indeed. he will be leading evening prayers at historic st. patrick's cathedral. the focus is on new york city and that is where we join "action news" reporter, sara bloomquist. sara st. patrick's cathedral and the unites nations tomorrow, an itinerary bee fitting a pope. >> that is right jim, a packed itinerary, one that requires
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unprecedented security measures here in manhattan. the pope is on his way to saint patrick cathedral. he will take part in an open motorcade. earlier today we made our way around and got a taste of what is to come for philadelphia in terms of heavy security presence. sanitation trucks blocked streets and miles of concrete barriers are in place and manhole covers are sealed and multiple agencies are monitoring activities all part of the largest security operation in new york city. >> all the streets are blocked off and security is at its highest pretty much. >> not only is the pope in town, this is the 70 and anniversary of the u.n. general assembly that the pope will address tomorrow. heads of state from 270 countries are expected to attend
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and 83 busy manhattan blocks will shut down, one advantage the events are happening in controlled settings. >> all the events here in new york, are ticketed eventses so we can screen everybody. that is a big help to us. >> even with so much security life went on in new york, in the areas closest to st. patrick's where the pope will pray this evening, pedestrians could walk fairly close to the cathedral. that surprised these new jersey ladies not in town for the pope but for kelly and michael. >> we were able to walk maybe a half a block from saint pat's, but other than that normal walking in the city. >> there was great excitement as new york's faithful welcomed the pontiff. >> i am enjoying seeing the leader of my religion. >> reporter: now terrorism officials say there is no
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specific threat to the pope, however there is concern about the efforts and intentions from isis to the italian mafia, there are layers and layers of security seen and unseen and the nypd says it's ready. i'm sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you sara. >> philadelphia leaders gave an update today on the world meeting of families, mayor michael nutter says that so far so good. 18,000 delegates are enjoying the catholic fellowship and sights ahead of the visit. >> we return to the ben franklin parkway and the great stage serving as an alter and an entertainment venue, but for either one officials are in the final stages of preparing an immense operation, and live on scene today is david henry. >> reporter: we are outside of the cathedral basilica where the
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pope will give mass on sunday. these are over across 18th street and this is where the security check points will be and "action news" learned that homeland security is tracking the theft of a half dozen propane tanks in ben salem. they say it's probably not a threat to the pope but one of 100 detail they have to take care of. >> it's scary too, but you no what? they are doing their job. >> heavily armed police and federal agents are everywhere in center city. they are using this parking garage across from the cathedral for a staging area, this is intimidating for someone but others find areassuring. >> police and federal agents are doing their best to head off danger. at 10:00 tonight the eight foot
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security fences will close the perimeter on the parkway and only residents and business owners will be allowed inside. starting at 6:00 tomorrow morning they have to go through metal detectors and these concrete barriers will go into place forming the traffic zone. >> i have never seen anything like this before, you just don't know. >> how much is enough? >> i think this is plenty. >> too much for many. but this unprecedenced shut down of a large part of the city is necessary in our post 9/11 world. mark is a former high ranking secret service agent. philadelphia is caution here and it may be inconvenience for some but considering the consequences they are making the right
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decisions. >> those that are coming to see the pope, they feel they are safe. >> god is not going to let anything happen to us, he is here. and it's a once in a lifetime opportunity for people. i think we need to not be afraid. isn't that what the pope says, be not afraid. >> as the security noose gets tighter, center city is turning into a ghost town, have you ever seen the parkway looking like this during a rush hour, you can get an update on the lock downs tonight and all the security zone schedules at live on the parkway, david henry, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you we want to show you a different look a live picture of the parkway, a view that we'll have when a million people gather here and beyond for the festival of families and the mass on sunday. we'll have an excellent
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advantage point. >> look how close we are to all the action. this is a truly phenomenal vantage point, where we can broadcast the festival and the papal mass. we are stage left and the other is stage right, we broadcast from there earlier today. pope francis is already inspiring friendship and love and good deeds, we stumbled upon and witnessed a special act of kindness today. >> hector gonzales and his group made the journey from denver, colorado, where they live. but they were not able to get event tickets but then the random act of kindness in philadelphia. >> there you go, you can fight over them, but maybe some has more to give you. >> barbara brown is the good
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samaritan, she is attending from boston. >> i was called upon to do it. >> how do you feel about the fact that you got tickets for the papal mass and the festival of families. >> i feel blessed we had no tickets and now we have four. >> they came so far and the pope has such a message for immigrants and it's clear they were not born in the united states be the pope speaks spanish and so do they, i think they will get so much out of it. >> we are from guatemala and my friend here is from mexico. >> welcome to philadelphia, we are happy to have you. >> thank you, thank you. >> i suspect there will be many other beautiful moments like that in philadelphia this weekend, some on camera and some off camera. and we hope that after the pope's visit his message will be a lasting one. >> i suspect you are right. thank you nydia.
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>> a unique ceremony tack place in wallingford. three women that call themselves priests, say they were ordained as bishops today part of the association of roman catholic women priests, they have 200 members despite not being recognized by the church, they maintain they are ordained. >> our papal weekend includes digital updates live from the newsroom. we'll have traffic and weather and papal news every half hour starting at 9:00 a.m. saturday and sunday so watch our live papal visit digital updates on and the 6 abc news app. coming up on "action news" tonight, a wilmington family is calling for justice. after the death of their loved one in an officer-involved shooting yesterday. >> sunny and warm today but i'm tracking this coastal low, it will bring us big changes in time for papal weekend.
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>> jeff skversky with the demarco murray with a medical update.
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we are learning more in the wake of last night's shooting that saw a police officer shoot and kill a man that according to police had a gun. chad pradelli is live at wilmington police. >> reporter: jim we now have cell phone video of the officer-involved shooting, it's very graphic in nature and as such we are only showing it to the point where officers open fire. this is cell phone video showing
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the encounter, in it police demand jeremy dole drop the weapon or show his hand and then four officers fire their weapon hitting the wheelchair bound mcdole several times. >> when he pulled the weapon from his waste the officers engaged him and as a result of the injuries mcdole sustained he lost his life. >> police responded to the 1800 block of tulip yesterday after receiving a report that the wheel bound mcdole shot himself. autopsies are pending. the family is saying that the use of force is unjustified. >> for someone in a wheelchair, you couldn't handle this better. >> it's wrong, he was paralyzed from the waist down, they could
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have tased him. >> they are conducting an investigation into the shooting. there is strife across this country with african-americans and officer-involved shooting. >> it's imperative that in spice of the situation, the delicateness of it, that we have a unified call for peace and responsibility on the street. >> we don't have anything to hide. we are very open. and we want them to understand we are sorry for the loss of life of their loved one. >> the names of officers have not been released. all of them are on paid administrative leave, pending the investigation. >> thank you chad. coming up on "action news" can the eagles right the wrongs of first two weeks, they are
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trying, that and more when we continue. ññ
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eagles going up to the jets which apparently is a good football team. >> very good, eagles are struggling on offense. with the pending road closures, the eagles are hitting the road for north jersey, for sunday's game against the jets and they are praying that demarco murray will be okay. his status is up in the air. he is off to the worst start of his career and things are getting worse for your 0-2 for the eagles. >> we have to have depth at running back and that is the plan for us. we have tremendous confidence in ryan if demarco can't go, we'll
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see how he is on saturday to make a determination keiko alonso ruled out because of knee sprain and jets could be out with star darrel revis and the eagles allowed a league low. and look out sam bradford. >> obviously they have done a great job taking the ball away their first two games, it's on all of our minds, i have to make smart decisions when i throw the football but then the ball carriers, they catch it, they have to do a great job knowing those guys are coming to pull it out. >> referees have a tough thankless job, they either blow the call or get in the way but one team should be thanking the ref after a heads up play.
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watch the ref, off the ref's head over the uprights. the kick be hits the ref in the head and one more time, it is good. there you go, heads up play, hopefully philly gets some help.
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needless to stay we are especially interested in this weekend's accuweather forecast, how about a preview, it's going to be cloudy and cooler and it's a close call, stormtracker 6
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live double scan showing you there is no rain out there today, in fact little in the form of clouds. there is high, thin wispy day and the first day of fall. temperatures across the board, a very comfortable evening and philadelphia 77 and wilmington 77 and millville 75 and sea isle city, a sea breeze with winds from the northeast at 71 degrees, satellite 6 along with action radar showing high pressure up to the north and that is what brought us a good amount of sunshine, however there is low pressure lurking to the south and that saw high, thin clouds our way and that low pressure could throw a monkey wrench into our weekend, we could see more in the way of high, thin clouds from the high pressure, still a nice day at 4:00, 77 in philadelphia and temperatures no longer in the
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80s, and it's seasonably cool, as we head into saturday, looking nice for the papal speech for the festival of families along the parkway, temperatures in the mid-70s, with breaks of sunshine. the question is on sunday, the high pressure how high is it up to the north, if the high pressure stays in control and we'll have a dry day and that low pressure stays to the south of our region, however if that high pressure nudges farther to the east, that would allow low pressure to move to the north, giving it a 50/50 chance of light rain reaching philadelphia, however i do want to show you the latest computer models, the euro that is typically more reliable shows a dry day on friday, and the nam earlier today shows light rain, the earlier model. if this continues and the gfo
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goes lower we'll have a dry day on sunday but right now calling for a 50% chance i'll keep you posted. the exclusive accuweather forecast, tomorrow feels more like fall, than today with filtered sunshine and 77 degrees on saturday and breaks of sunshine and nice day, 75 degrees on sunday it will be breezy and mostly cloudy and cool, and 73 degrees, and calling for a possibility of some rain if you head to the papal mass, a 50% chance of light rain, heading into monday, the clouds linger, 77 degrees and if you like today you'll like tuesday, feeling like summer, 83 degrees and wednesday a nice day, a mixture of sun and clouds with a high of 79 degrees, great weather at ppl park and mostly sunny and 73 degrees, we'll get in new computer runs before 11:00. another update on rain for sunday. we'll take you back to new
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york city where pope francis arrived just about an hour ago, as you can see the crowd has assembled outside of saint patrick's cathedral on 5th avenue. they are cheering someone, the pope son his way by motorcade from the wall streetheleport. world news tonight with david muir is next on channel 6. and please join us for "action news" at 11:00. for the entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner, we hope you'll join us at 11:00 tonight.
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tonight, the breaking news. pope francis arrives here in new york city. we're at the famous st. patrick's cathedral, where he is tonight. ground zero, central park also on his list. making history in washington, the first pope to speak before congress. on some issues, the applause divided. and behind the scenes, the moment, what vice president joe biden said to him, and what the pope repeopled back. meantime, the other breaking news tonight. the scene from the west. the deadly collision between a charter bus and a duck boat for tourists. the death toll growing at this hour. the deadly stampede overseas tonight. the numbers simply staggering. more than 700 kills during the annual pilgrimage near mecca. the new poll numbers coming in. where does donald trump stand now? and the invisible danger inside so many homes. tonight, the massive explosion. you'll see it here. and what every


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